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Demon Slayer Episode 11 English Dubbed

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As the final episode of the first season aired, it seemed like the perfect time to review it. After all, this is an anime show that can be pretty dark and full of violence.
Most importantly, we wanted to make sure our English Dub review was spoiler-free.

Many people seem to think that the entire show is terrible and there are no redeeming qualities. We did our best to avoid any spoilers in this review, but if you have watched the entire show and still don’t understand it, then this is the review for you!

We loved how dark and violent the show was. The characters were well written and showed a lot of depth. The humor was also well done, making it enjoyable to watch despite some (subtle) gags. We did have some problems with the storytelling though. For example, there were times when the plot felt like it was trying too hard to be funny and didn’t quite succeed. And while we overall thought that the animation was great, we would have liked more action and less dialogue.

Demon Slayer Episode 11 English Dubbed

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