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Demon Slayer Episode 1 English Dubbed

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As the new season of Demon Slayer begins, the team at Anime News Network is excited to provide a full EnglishDubbed review of the first episode.
For those who are not familiar with the show, Demon Slayer is an anime series created by Hideaki Anno, director of Attack on Titan and Godzilla. The series follows a group of people called the Students of the Holy Scripture in order to stop a dark force from destroying the world.
The show has been highly anticipated by many anime fans for its high-quality animation and exciting story. Episode 1 of the new season provides viewers with their first taste of this excellent content.

The opening sequence is visually stunning, as we see our protagonist Kimetsu no Yaiba (Kirby) fight against hordes of demons. The fight choreography is amazing and lets us feel every punch and kick that Kimetsu takes. The evil demons themselves are also well-animated and entertaining, while providing moments of suspense and terror.
Despite some small failings in terms of storytelling, this opening sequence sets the tone for what will be an intense and action-packed season.

Demon Slayer Episode 1 English Dubbed

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